gf Miso Soup
Small – 4
Large – 6
*vegetarian miso available

gf Edamame (V) 8
Steamed, salted soybeans

gf Nasu dengaku (V) 11
Char-grilled eggplant w/ smoky miso glaze & sesame seeds

gf Goma-ae (V) 9
Blanched cold broccoli w roasted sesame & gluten free soy

gf Steamed Noodle Dumplings 5 pieces 19
Freshly prepared in house – prawn, salmon, water chestnut & chives wrapped
in brown rice noodles & steamed, served w ponzu dipping sauce

gf Shake Teriyaki 20
120g grilled salmon served medium rare topped w alfalfa sprouts, accompanied w grated daikon & gluten free teriyaki sauce


gf Vegetable Maki – 6 pieces 16
inside out roll filled w avocado, shiso & cucumber topped w sesame seeds the following toppings:

2 pieces w teriyaki marinated water chestnuts w miso & coriander
2 pieces w tofu & avocado, kizami wasabi & baby shiso
2 pieces w smoked eggplant marinated in tamari & ginger w chopped chives

gf Maki Rolls – 6 pieces
Inside out roll w avocado, shiso & cucumber topped w sesame seeds & your choice of:
gf Kingfish w grated ginger & chives – 17
gf Salmon w nikiri soy, red onion & shiso – 16

gf Ocean Trout Nigiri – 4 pieces 22
Scorched ocean trout nigiri sushi topped w wasabi leaf


gf Tofu Ankake Don (V) 20
Silken tofu simmered w bok choy, wombok, shiitake mushrooms,
carrot & ginger w shredded nori over Japanese rice

gf Teriyaki Chicken Don 22
Char-grilled chicken thigh fillet w balsamic teriyaki glaze & mayo. Served w
steamed bok choy, a salad of rocket & tomato, topped w nori over rice

gf Wafu Steak Don 25
100g sliced scotch beef fillet char-grilled served medium rare
w house made japanese steak & pepper sauce, broccoli, julienned leek & steamed rice

gf Sashimi Don 24
Fresh salmon sashimi marinated yukke soy w sliced cucumber,
shiso leaf, sesame seeds & alfalfa sprouts over sushi rice


gf Chocolate buddha dome 15
w/ strawberries & coconut cream

gf sunikkazu bites 14

gf Vanilla Ice-cream – scoop 5

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